MYRA’s Business Consulting division is a team that has real world experience in managing and directing enterprise-grade IT organisations.

Leveraging these skills through MYRA, whether it is in the form of interim management to fill a management gap, or developing a strategic plan for your IT organisation, also ensures that you bring the broader MYRA team of BA’s, PM’s and a wide range of technical specialists to bear on your situation.  Each MYRA Business Consultant brings an understanding of the strategically bi-direction view of technology and strategy that encompasses the understanding, both the need for strategic direction, as well as the operational impacts of strategic decisions.

MYRA’s IT strategic planning service engages the business to discover what is truly behind the organizational vision, mission and goals to help deliver the real business value. Through a well- established process of facilitated interviews and workshops with the various business stakeholders we get to the heart of the issues facing the business. We develop an understanding of how IT can work in concert with the business.
An analysis of the business needs, IT project capacity, technical architecture, governance and IT organizational design results in a strategic plan that is actionable and measurable. Throughout the process IT is engaged as a collaborative partner in developing the strategic plan, building the knowledge and skills necessary to continue developing the plan as it evolves.

Has the introduction of new applications or changes to your business processes led to resisting behaviours?  Just because a new application or change in process is “right” for the business does not mean that the organization will be receptive, or that the business culture is ready for the change.   Implementing organizational change is not something that should be undertaken lightly. A methodical process helps ensure that change is accepted. The implementation of change become a strategic capability.  MYRA’s Certified Change Managers can work with you to identify your organizational and cultural readiness, work with you through the barriers towards change acceptance, and help you develop long term capabilities in driving change within your organization.

Your business has organizationally redesigned itself, has your IT Department?  Often businesses will organizationally re-structure due to external competitive influences, changes within its business industry, or strategic direction.   Commonly IT does not change its organizational structure to match the business.  Why?  You are still delivering technology services, right?  Not a right or wrong answer!  IT now delivers business enabling technology and to succeed, the IT Department must re-tool and re-align itself organizationally and culturally to be synchronized to its business partners.  Let MYRA’s Business Consultants work with you to develop your correct IT organizational design with the flexibility to adjust with the business over the long term.

Does the rest of your organization appreciate that you have standards and that those standards are in place for strategic reasons? Through a process of interviews and workshops, documentation development and eventual publication to the organization, MYRA’s Business Consultants can help clarify your strategies and prepare your standards.

Identifying the true requirements for an application, assessing the market, analyzing options and providing recommendations is the focus of the Technology Requirements and Needs Analysis service. MYRA Business Consultants identify the requirements, conduct a market environmental scan, manage the interaction with potential vendors and ultimately provide a recommendation for implementation.


How does the business perceive IT? As a cost or as an important partner in business operations, development and transformation? Bringing the business to the table to work collaboratively on the direction IT investments should take ensures that IT is not only aligned, but more importantly, integrated with the business.



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