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British Columbia Assessment Authority switches from Sun to HP servers

BC Assessment shows huge performance and financial benefit by transitioning to an HP/Red Hat database environment.

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Reducing the Costs of Government Workloads with Intel® Xeon® Processors

BC Assessment is saving 82% in annual database operating costs. Read how they are doing it!

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VDI In A Box Case Study: Sector Learning Solutions

Implementation of the most efficient VDI solution to a dynamic environment that requires frequent rapid deployments of Windows operating systems.

Business Challenge: Sector’s in-house classroom is constantly turned over between different versions of Windows and Office to meet training requirements. Historically, the computers were re-imaged through a time-consuming process that required manual intervention for each machine. As the business grows and the classroom gets busier, this process incurs more and more overhead.

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Vulnerability Audits

MYRA Systems Corp. has been securely managing our customers systems for more than 27 years. Through a rigorous continual improvement process, we have developed an independent process to evaluate the vulnerability of our client’s systems at any point in time.

The Vulnerability Audit comprises the first step in an active security framework. It provides a benchmark upon which improvements can be measured, and presents recommendations on how to improve system security and better protect customer data.


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Oracle Platform Migration

Save up to 85% on your Oracle Costs

At MYRA systems, it is about better IT service delivery. Are you finding you are paying increasing costs for your UNIX environments? Advances in technology have created an opportunity to consider an alternative server and operating system infrastructure to your proprietary RISC/ UNIX platforms. By utilizing MYRA’s 26 years of experience providing IT solutions and service management, as well as leveraging our vendor relationships, we can help to reduce your operating costs up to 85%. MYRA will support you through your migration to mitigate risk and to ensure reliability and availability aren’t compromised.

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ARES Virtualization Case Study

Datacentre consolidation and virtualization, Accommodation and Real Estates Services

Accommodation and Real Estate Services (ARES) is a division of Shared Services BC within the Ministry of Citizens' Services. ARES provides accommodation and real estate services to government ministries and broader public sector customers

MYRA has delivered Technology Infrastructure Management Services (TIMS) to ARES since 1996, continually achieving 99.9% availability for all critical servers. The IT environment is comprised of 105 Windows and UNIX servers. MYRA supported a four VMware ESX server farm, and several application servers for over 400 users at either sites province wide. The UNIX servers support five Oracle applications as well as Cognos Data Warehousing services. Beginning in March 2006, MYRA and ARES launched a server consolidation and virtualization initiative that increased the total number of servers from 44 to 105 as of February 2008, while reducing physical servers from 44 to 24. The was achieved at no increase in cost to ARES.

This growth in the number of servers is due to Cornerstone Project, which was intended to replace the existing application with a product from Tririga.

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