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Simplify Your IT and Lower Your Costs.

Private - Public - Hybrid

On-Prem & Co-Lo


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24/7 x 365


We’ve got our heads in the cloud!

Whether you need high-availability and massive amounts of computing power, or just a basic infrastructure that always works, we can help you figure out the right mix of technology and purchasing options.

It all comes down to finding the most efficient way to own and operate your IT.

With the cloud you get stable, predictable montly costs without needing large capital budgets. Your team can concentrate on business goals instead of managing computer problems. The cloud model is powerful and flexible - you can scale up or down as needed.


MYRA can help you free up your time and transform your IT.


“MYRA’s technical specialists provide a high level of expertise that would be very difficult to obtain elsewhere.”

Executive Director
Large Data Warehouse

Business Meeting
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Blues Skies on a Cloudy Day
High-performance IT infrastructure is complex to design and operate. Get peace of mind from a partner you can trust.

Anything “As-a-Service”
Access high-quality software and hardware without having to purchase, maintain, or constantly upgrade. Streamline bills to a single, predictable, and stable monthly cost.

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Data Processing
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Everything “As-a-Service”
Get software, compute power, network capacity, storage, security, and backups – either fully managed or co-managed. Pick-and-choose only what you need or let MYRA do it all.

Lower Your Capital Costs
No upfront infrastructure expenses, complex budget cycles, or dealing with aging gear. Get simple, predictable, and stable IT costs.

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Business Planning
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The Sky’s the Limit
MYRA has the tools and talent to support your business goals with a wide range of fully managed, supported, and reliable cloud solutions and services.

Stay Current
We’ll help you identify the hardware and services you need to drive performance and security for your apps, systems, and data.

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Office meeting
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Hassle Free & Worry Free
Get better protection for your data and systems. Get faster, cheaper, and more reliable IT.

Use Only What You Need
Cloud solutions are flexible - they can be customized to fit your business.

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Pay Just for What You Use
Don’t pay for more capacity than you really need. Stop paying when resources are no longer needed.

Scale Up or Scale Down
Get access to spare capacity whenever you need more, or reduce capacity during slower periods.

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IT Strategy & Roadmaps 
Cloud Architecture 
Private / Public / Hybrid Cloud 
Fully Managed IT 
Co-managed IT 
Business Continuity Plans 
Disaster Recovery Plans

Cloud Security 
Network Security 
Infrastructure Audits 
AZURE & M365 Security 
Security Policy Creation 
Security Awareness Training 
Phishing Simulations 
Cyber Risk Assessments 


“MYRA’s technical specialists provide a high level of expertise that would be very difficult to obtain elsewhere.”

Executive Director
Provincial Geographic Data Society

“Your willingness to take the time to create and maintain strong relationships enabled the team to build confidence and trust and get this challenging project across the finish line.”

Assistant Deputy Minister
BC Provincial Government Ministry

“MYRA staff were flexible and willing to put in extra effort.”

Executive Director
Provincial Geographic Data Society

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