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Real People who care about IT.

Our team is full of great people who have verified credentials

and real-world experience.

MYRA has been a trusted partner to BC businesses

and government for over 40+ years.

We love solving problems.

Business Consultation


Crispin Murphy

Managing Partner

Trevor Murphy

Managing Partner

Britt Hilton

VP Business Operations

Crispin has been involved in computing since before he entered kindergarten. Born and raised in Victoria, he’s a 26-year veteran of both MYRA and the IT industry.  

As Managing Partner, Crispin applies his business savvy and technical background to ensure MYRA and its customers continue to operate at optimal performance. He is hyper focused on meeting customer needs and maintaining MYRA’s rock-solid reputation. 

Crispin’s demonstrated successes for MYRA and customers include delivering projects on time and on budget, team building, managing risk both internally and for customers, and providing technical oversight and architectural direction.


When he’s not leading MYRA, you’ll find Crispin hanging with his kids on their acreage.

Even though he’s floated in Zero Gravity (yes for real) Trevor likes to stay grounded and focused.

Trevor has experience delivering services and working with private sector and governments including federal, provincial & municipal.  He is proficient in governance, procurement, organizational transformation, communications, and complex contract negotiations. He has led teams of all sizes – scaling from small businesses to multi-national IT service providers.  He provides executive oversight and helps guide our team’s long-term strategy.

Trevor’s candid, direct, and collaborative approach makes him easy to talk to and even easier to work with. At MYRA, he helps elevate our team and everyone around him.

Britt arrived in Victoria in 1984 to attend the University of Victoria and never left. The great golfing on the island may have had something to do with it. 

Britt joined MYRA in 1989 and is currently MYRA’s VP of Business Operations.


His responsibilities include managing MYRA’s sales team, leading the business development efforts, and working closely with MYRA’s product vendors and distribution partners.


He also lends support to various internal operational activities focused on increasing efficiency and profitability.  

Britt’s a great leader – but that’s just par for the course at MYRA. 

Business Consultation


Damon Hughes

Director of Enterprise Services

Hazel Arellano

Director of Finance

Donato Martino

Director of Managed Services

Ian Ralph

Director of Sales & Marketing

571 X 757 Damon.png
571 X 757 Hazel.png
571 X 757 Donato.png

Damon Hughes shreds a mean guitar. He’s also an experienced IT professional with nearly

3 decades in the field.  

As Director of Enterprise Services he oversees the teams who provide secure, reliable, and scalable customized solutions for BC Government Ministries and Crown Corporations. 

With an Honors BSc. from the University of Guelph, Damon has worked in Hospitality, Gaming and Destination Marketing companies.


Damon brings a calm demeanor, strategic outlook, and collaborative approach to every engagement.

Hazel loves to bake tasty treats. She’s famous for her Bibingka, a delicious Filipino coconut rice cake.

She is a Certified Professional Accountant with extensive experience in the full spectrum of accounting and finance. As the Director of Finance at MYRA, Hazel handles financial data and produces valuable reports used for budgeting, tax reporting and decision-making.


She oversees MYRA's finance team and loves working with great people who follow good processes to achieve solid results. She places a high value on integrity, respect, hard work, and kindness.

Donato has a passion for sailing and a love for problem-solving. He’s been navigating the high seas of technology for over 20 years.


Donato likes building strong relationships with his clients and optimizing service delivery. Like a team of skilled sailors can navigate through any storm, Donato and his team are masters at solving clients' IT problems – no matter how big the waves. He sets his course towards success by understanding their needs, charting the best course of action, and steering towards smooth waters.  

You can rest assured knowing that your technology is in good hands with Donato on deck. 

Ian has been working with computers since before Al Gore invented the internet. His passion is to help organizations find the technology that makes their lives better and new things possible. 


He has a wide range of experience across technical and business roles. He has helped numerous organizations discover their core value, grow their brand through Sales & Marketing programs that connect with their customers, and build operational excellence into everything they do.  

Ian likes to use technology to bring good people together and solve problems that make a difference. If you hang around long enough, you’ll hear him say, “Are you ready? Let’s make the world better today!”  

Salman Almishari

Client Executive

Carol Montenegro

Project Manager


Salman has loved technology since his childhood. He has worked in the IT industry for over a decade and has been with MYRA for more than five years.  

Salman’s real love is people and relationships. One of his passions at MYRA is working with clients to achieve their optimum goals in the most cost-effective way. He negotiates on behalf of clients and always tries to provide the best deals possible. And he does it all with a giant smile. 

When an organization is looking for new or existing technology, Salman connects you with the right people and makes it seamless to find the best IT solutions for your needs.


Carol had a plan: pursue her MBA in Canada and go back to Brazil. But the beauty of Vancouver Island got in her way, and she decided to put down roots here. We’re glad she did!

She’s an experienced Service Delivery Manager and Project Manager with 15+ years in the IT industry. She knows the value of listening to the client, adapting plans to ensure that projects are solving problems, and creating value to the business. Carol believes the best and quickest way to succeed is helping others succeed. And she’s really fun to work with!

Carol loves to meet new people, try new flavours, and experience different cultures. Her list of places to visit only grows! If you see her around, don’t hesitate to say “Hi”!

Nimoy & Seven

CBO - Chief Barketing Officers


CCO - Chief Cuddling Officer

Nimoy and Seven - CBOs _v2.png

Nimoy and Seven share the CBO role at MYRA. These Barkvard educated pups are top pedigree and come with strong bone-a-fides.

They are top dogs for sniffing out business opportunities and fetching new sales, leaving our competitors running in circles. Their tail wagging has won awards and drawn fans worldwide. Recent innovations include mandatory belly rub breaks and a company-wide cheese tax.

Reach out with a bark or a sniff and they’ll help your business lead the pack.

Cat 4.png

Simon is a feline professional with a five-year track record in biscuit making and a penchant for strategic distractions during video chats.

His expertise in keyboard occupancy is unparalleled, ensuring no email goes unsent without his approval. His concern for your cuddling deficit is matched only by his commitment to his own comfort and achieving a high treat quota.

In his downtime, Simon is a connoisseur of long naps, always recharging for his next cuddle session or key-board meeting.

Business Presentation


Jack Murphy


Barb Murphy


Jack Photo 6.png

Jack has over 36 years’ experience, leadership and innovation in the Information Technology field. 

Jack’s been in IT since the 70s and founded MYRA Systems in 1985. He has always had a strong application development, technical and business background. Jack provided technology and business consulting to customers, and was responsible for managing MYRA’s service vendor relationships.

Jack led our team of over 50 employees at MYRA’s two offices in Vancouver and Victoria, overseeing delivery of Project Management services, Technology Infrastructure Management services, Consultative Sales and Technical Services for MYRA’s private and public customers. Jack holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. 

Barb Photo 6.jpg

Barb Murphy was the Chief Financial Officer and Corporate Secretary since MYRA's inception in 1985.

She was responsible for the financial and the administrative aspects of MYRA, ensuring the financial viability of MYRA, while overseeing the day to day financial functions. She also helped MYRA’s senior managers with various proposals, contract language review and development..

Additionally, Barb was involved in setting the strategic and philosophic direction for MYRA. Barb’s university background was in mathematics, as well as in education. She was a teacher prior to her involvement with MYRA, and she enjoys mentoring and assisting those around her. Barb’s hobbies include bridge, hiking, cross-country skiing, gardening, and spoiling her cat.

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