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We manage your IT. You manage your business.

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Reduce Costs

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Improve Quality

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Stronger Security

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Flexible IT

Managed Services is a better model for secure, highly available

and cost-effective IT. 

Having a reliable IT environment shouldn’t take your focus off your core business. MYRA will manage your IT for both present-day and long-term goals. You get daily IT support along with guidance to deliver strategic IT.

We’ve been doing this for 40+ years – providing secure, stable, modern, and reliable IT environments that are always up-to-date and up to the challenge. 

“MYRA’s team allows us to focus our resource and efforts on projects and initiatives that deliver value for the business.”

Director of IT
National Tourism Org.

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Smarter IT

Get the tools and talent that can best support your business goals.

Real People Who Care

Speak to real people who know your environment and offer a personal touch.

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Sleep at Night

Fewer unexpected changes means fewer surprises. Faster responses means less wasted time and money.

Better Together

We plan for the technology so you can plan for the business result.


Take Care of Yourself

Leave the management and troubleshooting to MYRA so your teams can do their best work.

Security that Works

Protect your data and reduce the risk of cybersecurity attacks. We’ve got you.





Cloud Backups
Microsoft 365
Microsoft Azure
Cloud Hosting / Cloud Apps

Facilities and Data Centre

IT Service Continuity
Network Services
Storage Services
IT Service Continuity Management Services
Financial Management for IT

Strategic Planning
Infrastructure Management
Service Level Management
After Hours Support


“MYRA gives us a worry-free, highly reliable, and highly secure data centre service.”

Director of IT
National Tourism Org.

“Perseverance, focus, and consistency.”

Senior Business Analyst
Large Govt. Natural Resources Project

“I highly recommend MYRA staff for other organizations with complex IT requirements.”

Executive Director
Provincial Geographic Data Society

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