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MYRA delivers IT infrastructure platforms arranged in a service-based architecture.


MYRA’s Enterprise Managed Services are structured such that individual customers can customize our scope and practices to best fit their budgets and business needs.  We specialize in co-management of on-premises and cloud solutions, and provide integrated teams to support entire applications.  We provide tight integration with customer assets, processes, and staff, ensuring that we are part of the customer’s team every step of the way. No silos or obfuscated processes, just access to the teams that will enable your IT success.


MYRA’s Managed Services are designed to optimize a standards based platform, to ensure that customers receive a cost-effective, reliable, and standardized platform, to address all their IT requirements. Managed Services combines industry best practices, strong management principles, and the needed flexibility to respond to customer needs in a cost-effective manner.


  • Microsoft 365

  • Microsoft Azure

  • Cloud Backups

  • Network Services

  • SOC & MDR

  • Strategic Planning

  • Storage Services

  • After Hours Support

  • Capacity Management

  • Financial Management for IT

  • Facilities and Data Centre Services

  • IT Service Continuity Management

  • Information & Communication Technology

  • Infrastructure Management

  • Service Level Management

  • DBA Services

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